Unicorn Scarf (curly instructions)

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You can find the pattern for this Unicorn pattern at both Ravelry and Craftsy. It is a pattern for the basic unicorn scarf. Everything you need to know to make the basic scarf is in this pattern.

You can find the detailed curly tutorial HERE

This is how the basic scarf looks, however this one has a white body (scarf), where the one in the pattern has a striped body (scarf):

Now, if you would like to turn this scarf into this:
you will need to add curlies to the tail. It is actually very simple. You know from the pattern how to make these little curlies, but how do we add them.

Here is how:
I added a row of curlies to each stripe on my tail. I added the row just a bit above the middle of the stripe. Using Single Crochet stitches hold the tail so the tip is pointing away from you. Start on the stripe closest to you. As far to the right side start adding 1sc, then another. Now start your curly. Mine are 20 stitches long. Follow instructions from the pattern on how to do these cute curlies. Once you finish the first curly, then do 3 sc. Make another curly. Do this all the way across the stripe. You can make your curlies longer or shorter.

A row of curlies will look like this:

If the curlies are long enough you wont need to worry about being too neat, I do try to keep my row nice and straight. Just makes a better quality scarf.

In the last stripe (the tip) I tried to make it look a little better with first 2 curlies in the row, then I sc’ed around and did another curly below.

Like this:

The tail should now look like this:

I make the curlies for this pattern by chaining 21. Then I start by making 2sc in the second chain from the hook. Then 2sc in each chain all the way back to the end.
I feel that if you make 3sc or 3dc in each it curls too much and it doesn’t look “natural”.

If you have any trouble figuring this out please do not hesitate to ask me. You can find my email address in the pattern, or you can post a comment here.

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